Publisher FAQs

VirtualSKY is the first platform of its kind, allowing Virtual Reality publishers to earn substantial revenue by placing gorgeous, immersive 360 degree advertisements from the world’s best brands at natural breaks in their content.

ExperienceAds – VirtualSKY’s ExperienceAds are 10-30 second, 360 degree experiences that launch at natural breaks in VR content, such as in-between game levels. Similar to full length commercials, these longer experiences are able to tell full stories and completely immerse the consumer in the brand’s world.  

SponsorAds – VirtualSKY’s SponsorAds are 5-10 second, 360 degree experiences that play when the consumer launches VR content in a headset. Similar to Billboard Ads in broadcast television, these short experiences build brand awareness and love.

Yes. After a few seconds, the consumer is able to easily skip the ad and continue on with your content.

VirtualSKY is the only platform that powers immersive, 360 degree advertising experiences to VR users while they are wearing headsets. This means that advertising does not break the consumers immersion in VR and the developer does not have to compromise their content.

As a spinoff of Airpush, one of the world’s leading ad tech companies, VirtualSKY already has demand from the top agencies and brands throughout the world.

VirtualSKY is a plugin that is available for the Unity Game Engine and can easily be integrated into any project created with it.

No. The system only downloads when the device is connected via wifi and plays the ads even when the device is disconnected from the internet.

No. VirtualSKY ads download after the initial install and the file sizes are not associated with your app.