Advertiser FAQs

VirtualSKY is the first platform of its kind, allowing advertisers to deliver gorgeous, immersive 360 degree advertisements to consumers at scale, using both virtual reality headsets and smartphones.

ExperienceAds – VirtualSKY’s ExperienceAds are 10-30 second, 360 degree experiences that launch at natural breaks in VR content, such as in-between game levels. Similar to full length commercials, these longer experiences are able to tell full stories and completely immerse the consumer in the brand’s world.  

SponsorAds – VirtualSKY’s SponsorAds are 5-10 second, 360 degree experiences that play when the consumer launches VR content in a headset. Similar to Billboard Ads in broadcast television, these short experiences build brand awareness and love.

360Ads – VirtualSKY’s 360Ads deliver advertisements that pan and scan as the user moves their iOS or Android devices. Because this ad unit displays on the Airpush network, 360Ads can already reach over 450,000,000 users around the world.

VirtualSKY is the only platform that powers immersive, 360 degree advertising experiences to VR users while they are wearing headsets and on their phones. This means that consumers are literally dropped into the brand’s world. For example, an automobile client could have the user test drive their new car in any setting in the world or a travel client could show clients what it’s like to stand on the beach of one of their resorts.


VirtualSKY is the most effective tool ever created for advertisers to engage with consumers. Surround your audience with immersive video, fill their ears with sound and grow your brand.


Don’t question the viewablity of your ads. With VirtualSKY, your advertising engulfs users with 720 degrees of sight and sound, for an unmissable and completely engulfing experience.


VirtualSKY transforms your digital advertising into ‘better than real’ experiences that win love, build followings and earn viral shares. Why settle for a small video box when you can transport your users into your brand’s world.

VirtualSKY works on all VR headset platforms, including Oculus, Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear and more. The platform is specifically designed so that it supports all new goggles the day they are released.

No. The VirtualSKY platform is able to use any type of VR file.

The inventory for Sponsor Ads and Experience Ads will be low at first but will grow very quickly. The inventory for 360 Ads uses cell phone inventory, so is nearly 450,000,000.

Time limitations for VirtualSKY ads are 5-30 seconds.

Yes. Although the platform can use any type of existing VR content, VirtualSKY offers comprehensive creation and editing services.